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Shiatsu stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has its roots in Taoism and is around 2500 years old.
Shiatsu is Japanese for finger pressure (shi = finger, atsu = pressure). It works with so-called meridians, energy channels, the same ones that acupuncture uses. Blockages can arise in those meridians, caused by lifestyle, worries, climate, diet, etc., and these blockages can manifest themselves in mental or physical complaints of all kinds. By massaging with thumb, hand, knee, elbow or foot, the blockages can be removed and the complaints reduced.

Zen Shiatsu massage takes place on the clothed body on a mat on the floor, while Shiatsu on the specially developed chair is a very accessible, low-threshold and relaxing treatment that can also be given at work or at home: Shiatsu comes to you ! 🙂

What can Shiatsu do for you?
* it relaxes
* it lowers stress
* it gives energy
* it works preventively
* it restores balance.
It has a positive effect on shoulder, neck and back complaints and rheumatism, on sleep problems, PDD-nos / ADHD, menstrual complaints, headache, burnout and so on.

Shiatsu is not recommended for fever and clotting disorders.
In case of thrombosis or malignant tumours, first consult with the treating physician.