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Alexandra, 30 years old:
“It was love at first sight. Already from the first time, I knew this is my monthly treat. Dorine knows what she is doing and she is doing it to the full.  You can trust your body and mind into her experienced hands. A real massage surpassing the surface of the skin and working through the whole body and mind. By far the best I have ever tried. Thank you Dorine for doing this for the people!”
March 2020

Rebecca, 42 years old:
“From the very first time I felt safe with Dorine. How is that important? Well, surrendering myself isn’t really easy for me. But still… each time there was a feeling of ‘I’m being taken care of, I feel consoled, I feel relieved, I feel okay’. I felt heard and taken seriously. Dorine taught me that what my body tells me is essential. My body had been shouting at me for a while, but I wasn’t listening. Long story short: Dorine’s treatments are tops !!”
March 2020

“I recommend a massage by Dorine. Afterwards your body feels much more supple, added to that: she’s also really sweet. Sooooo, do yourself a favour and book a massage with Dorine.”
July 2019

Elaine, 22 jaar:
“Dorine works with joy and awareness. This gave me a sense of trust during the very first treatment on the mat. You can tell from her hands she has a lot of experience and she knows what she’s doing.”
June 2018

Henk, 62 years:
“My first experience with Dorine was full of surprises. She works from true compassion for people and accompanies the client on the journey of the treatment. I felt a mix of warmth, quiet, but also the boundaries of pain in places that asked for her attention. Dorine is not a big woman, but she’s strong and alert, so she can shape the treatment in such a way that it becomes a pleasant experience that brings your whole body where it would like to be more often. Never before had I in one session the sense to have been treated in such a complete way. That made me happy and I left with a contented smile, looking forward to the next time.”
December 2017